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This is what we do:

The Adirondack Reading Center effectively helps all individuals with severe, moderate and mild developmental dyslexia as well as helping their families understand their disability.  We are the only Reading Center in the US or Canada that involves the student's family in the direct treatment of their loved one's dyslexia.

This is why we provide such effective and extraordinarily comprehensive reading services:

We strongly believe since we began serving the needs of students with dyslexia in 1981, that this population is one of the most unacknowledged, unidentified and underserved populations in all of public education.  Dyslexia is so misunderstood that children and teenagers who could otherwise be taught to read, write and spell are tragically left as unteachable, behavorial problems and condemned to illiteracy.

The Adirondack Reading Center is a learning center specializing in the highest quality reading support and services for all school aged children, adolescents, and adults. 

The Adirondack Reading Center offers the highly successful Orton-Gillingham remediation approach.  The Orton-Gillingham approach is a language-based, sequential, highly structured, and multisensory reading remediation methodology that is a research proven approach effective for teaching reading to elementary, intermediate, high school students and adults who have mild, moderate, and severe dyslexia. 

Unfortunately, there is no magical cure for dyslexia, but many thousands of children who otherwise might have remained illiterate have been taught to read successfully through receiving the Orton-Gillingham approach. This remediation method is proven to be the most effective approach to help defeat the largest obstacles to students who view reading as a discouraging challenge.


The Adirondack Reading Center matches specific reading services to each student and each student has a specific reading plan based on their learning style.  In each lesson, the student will experience a high degree of success and will gain confidence as well as the required skills for  successful reading. 

The Adirondack Reading Center also provides a unique and beneficial aspect of reading remediation by providing exceptional emotional support for students and their families.  One of the most frequent comments made by parents that come to the Reading Center is that their child immediately feels better about themselves, and about reading and learning, after receiving reading instruction and the emotional support they need.  This support is comprehensive and includes the family.

Learning to read at the Adirondack Reading Center is an enjoyable experience.


We offer unparalleled support for the student's family through analysis of their child's reading skills.  We also offer one on one communication with parents regarding the analysis results and specific support strategies to increase their child's self esteem, reading ability, and feeling of success in reading at home and at school. The Adirondack Reading Center offers clear and accurate answers to your questions regarding your child’s most important academic skill - reading. These answers, combined with the highest quality reading support for your child and family is the foundation of the Adirondack Reading Center.   

It has been our direct experience over the years that the Orton-Gillingham approach, combined with family involvement,far exceeds other reading programs for the specific reading challenges and disabilities that a moderate to severe dyslexic student has.  Many of our students have shown only limited reading improvement with other reading programs before coming to the Adirondack Reading Center.   

                                              Click on this link below to read about several student's success stories.


 We are confident your child will be successful at our Reading Center.  The individual attention given to the student and parent by the educator, as well as the collaborative work, will ensure your child will be successful. 

Do you have concerns about your child?  Feel free to call or email us!
We are able to serve our students at two separate locations.
Adirondack Reading Center
Queensbury, New York 12804
518-745-7323 (READ)
Adirondack Reading Center
Ticonderoga, NY 12883

Not sure if your child is dyslexic? 

Check out this paper link above for the most commonly observed signs for dyslexia.